370㎡ 人居之境 广宇新昌锦上云山 | 范可萨


In Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, Xinchang under the pen of calligrapher is always placed in a variety of poetic feelings. The seclusion chosen by generations of literati covers Xinchang with a veil attributed to the nature of life. In wabi-sabi Songdas lifestyle, Xinchang becomes the endorsement of leisure and ease, and reading it reveals a comfortable life atmosphere.


When Xinchang meets with life, life is looking for an Oriental spiritual yearning here, and the creator will attach the undercurrent of spiritual knowledge under the sea to the daily life, shaking the ground. Bold beyond the attention to form and pursuit, AVAD fan can be design as the creator, in guangyu xinchang row layer, as a starting point, in the spirit of the east with stems from a touch, see, hear, smell, taste five senses, the poetic space of artistic imagination into the resident of higher-order life, showing the spirit of loaded by the retirement of cure, explore new artistic heights.


The city interface is too grand, and the pleasure of returning home changes from abstract to concrete description. Spend a full moon, share tianlun music, since ancient times, the perfection of eastern thought lies in the willow on the moon, return home at dusk, with materialization of the scene, with scenery ode to love, warm idea let the dweller in the mind to meet the subtle narrative life.


Earth-colored objects and colors permeate the space, showing the quality pursuit of higher class with transparent and warm texture. The sofa with large blocks, the armchair with wood and cloth art, the irregular carpet with winding curves...


AVAD Van Cosa design realizes the interp of mood and scene in the interactive space. From the perspective of artistic practice, it touches the realistic feeling of poetic life and brings the residents a moment of spiritual healing and relaxation.


Wang Zengqi said: Four food, but a bowl of human fireworks. The true meaning of simple life emerges in a meal. We look forward to mapping the inner world of residents with plain space sentiment, decorating the texture of daily life with simple and not simple utensils, and turning the interp of nature and spirit into a new way of life.


Living in nature, we praise the home of the spirit, so the space is clean and elegant landing. The level experience of duck ash and warm brown is performed in the lounge space, where the sense of level extends from the roof line to the ground.


To express the emotion of space, it is not necessary to open and close the color rendering. A blanket, an open book, a ray of mottled light and shadow through the shutters or a flower-piece that retains a trace of natural ripples, between one breath and one breath, the natural philosophy of reclusive life is presented in the inner world.


As the shared area of the family, the space suitable for all age family members is more than tide, function and aesthetic feeling both fall to the ground buy object frame, the circular condole top resembling a planet, the desk with much material collision... The furniture that breaks through unified setting with lightsome and clever posture, breaking the depressing feeling of form and colour.


The theme of the space comes from fashion tide play, the charm of halo and vortex, organic integration under the psychedelic visual impact and form, with the concept of breaking through the past impression and rules, in line with the small owners enterprising outlook on life, youth has unlimited possibilities.


The soft curve of the space and pomelo pink tone come from the animation member that small host loves most, in the pen of stylist, soft cloth art curve collides the line of metope, the space atmosphere that light color tone builds gives, braiding dream for the child to grow a garden.


Art is abstract, nature is imagination, the simulation of life scene, enhance the sense of entering, the spiritual experience in atmosphere construction, so that the life scene has double meaning -- return to life itself, space and thought integration resonance.


Quiet space becomes a place where tradition and modernity converge, breaking through the shackles of the supremacy of form and leading nature into the room. Those who sit on the ground are free meaning, reveal in the life scene of pure original true come out, the implement that returns uncut nature offers a calm heaven and earth for the person that reside with unique posture.

项目名称 | 广宇新昌锦上云山

The project name | guangyu yunshan hsin chong jin
项目地址 | 浙江 新昌
Zhejiang xinchang | project address
业主单位 | 广宇地产
The owner unit | guangyu real estate
设计面积 | 370㎡
Design | 370 ㎡ area
软装设计 | AVAD范可萨设计
Soft outfit design | AVAD fan can be designed
摄影团队 | bmStudio 彦铭

Photography team | bmStudio YanMing


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